Big Beautiful Submission 2: Tasting Lily (Plus size erotic romance)

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He is going to ruin me.

Serena thought, reading the latest gossip headline about her most troubling client. Asher Thomas, an Abercrombie model turned lead actor in an upcoming film based off tween shape shifters.

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I told him I was a tranny so that he would finally take me home. Southern gentleman her ass. Here, even the ghosts have agendas. Forced into the search when her father is kidnapped, Ari learns hell will stop at nothing to get the Nanorian back.

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Samael Lowood sat on the sill of his bedroom window, enjoying the chill. He had always liked the changing of the seasons. A mix of orange and white layered the wet ground, and the air smelled of rain-dampened dirt and needle-sharp ice. His eyes were drawn to an unfamiliar coach rumbling up the drive. Fed up, she throws a hellacious tantrum at his workplace, resulting in a lab explosion and killing him.

But this luscious guy wants her to believe the fiend is her father. Frightened and confused, Raeni must learn the truth about the black fog before it kills her.

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I wanted to stay and devise a way to sleep dream-free. But school beckoned.

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So I trudged out the door, stopping on the way for a caffeine-loaded soda. He gazed at me from the muffin section, browsing me instead of the cakes. In her company he finds love again. But not even death can keep Isabette from the spotlight. She returns to him as a spirit possessing him body and soul, promising to make him into the great star she used to be. Ash must find a way to banish the woman he once loved in order to save the girl who made him realize that life without Isabette was possible.

My steps falter as I venture inside. I close my eyes and pretend she storms through the door, a swirl of silk costume and light flowery perfume.

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I pull her into my arms, we kiss. The fabric of her gown, a soft crush beneath my fingertips. She laughs and drifts away. My eyes fly open, my hands clutch empty air, and the warmth of her touch lingers on my lips. I pull my gaze to her vanity table and imagine her as she puts on stage makeup, laughing, speaking in half-French, and half-English to the makeup girl.

An approaching storm diverts their flight to Singapore, then a typhoon hits full-force. The airport shuts down, hotels are booked-out and the pair are forced to share a suite.

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  5. Attraction crackles between them like bottled lightning, an elemental force of nature neither expected to find. Love hits like a bolt from the blue, throwing their lives up in the air. Can two people from opposite hemispheres navigate the turbulence in their lives and find a lasting connection? Sinead Kennealy and her colleagues Yuki and Deanna stood in a line at the front of the first class section. Yuki flipped a button on the PA system and the music started. Mermaid Airlines. Sinead tried to psych herself up for the show, but her heart was simply not in it. Plastering on her trademark beaming smile, Sinead placed her hands on her hips, then in a practised and synchronised routine, shimmied forward to do the move she privately called the booby shake.

    When a year old ghost attacks her in the woods, Lainey Styles is shocked to discover that she is the last remaining descendant of an ancient line of Keepers—witches who guard and protect the Grimoire, a powerful spellbook. Struggling to deal with the news—and her feelings for a mysterious boy with secrets of his own—Lainey suddenly finds herself in the middle of a civil war between the Supernatural race and the men who would use the power of the Grimoire to destroy them all.

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    Faced with danger, she must decide: Will she become the next Keeper? The temperature was much colder than she had expected, but as her dive broke the glassy surface of the water, Lainey felt nothing but relief. Pull through. The familiar words from her childhood swimming lessons played over and over in her head as she let the rhythm of the stroke set her pace.

    One kiss, one lie, one all consuming romance could unravel a corporate empire. But, Tess Medici has a secret. Keep it, and she might lose Max. She would be poked full of holes. What is wrong with you today? I just asked you to a party.

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    Tess put her fingers to her temples and let out a resigned sigh. Pitch: Kenzie Temsik believes hard work and her take-charge personality have gotten her what she wants. The sisters take tests to determine who will be responsible for each role—spinning, measuring or cutting life-threads. Kenzie can make him immortal, but only if she cuts another thread short. Shouts from the stadium echoed through our neighborhood, a plus and minus of living so close to the high school. Since waking without memories of her life, nineteen-year-old Anniston has been driven by a relentless void inside to search for what is missing.

    She struggles to get by with a few friends who have become like family, but nothing seems to ease the emptiness until she meets Zac. She feels strongly drawn to him even after learning about his abilities to show her visions through his eyes and move at the speed of thought. When she connects him with the death of her friend, others question his existence.

    Gavottes - Maison Kaprélian

    Unable to live without him, she must fight to find the truth. It was like a flow of ecstasy at first, growing so intense that time seemed to stand still. Every nerve ending in my body pulsed simultaneously stealing my breath away. And then, I slammed into the ground. My hands and knees breaking my fall at the same time an explosive sound bounced off every surface through the subway tunnel. A ringing in my ears distorted what sounded like chaos around me as I came to and saw the train I was supposed to be on, the only chance I had at getting to work on time, rushing away without me.

    The fact that she almost died the night she first saw Zac should have been a clue that being around him was dangerous. When Anniston suspects that Zac is not human and he admits to being here from other dimensions to protect her, Wesley has her admitted to a psychiatric hospital and Zac claims Wesley has been taken over.

    She must escape to find the truth.

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    Until he is beaten and left with only a phone number scrawled into his palm. But he soon realises that Alex is worth fighting and facing the consequences for. But instead of the usual fluttering fanfare, this felt more like the pounding of horses hooves as they fled an impending storm. Leaving plenty of time for doubts to sprout and multiply like mold on an abandoned peach. She must decide whether to risk all and trust him or go to the police with no evidence that someone is after her. She was alone in her dark and locked apartment, when her front door creaked open.

    Her roommate was away. Cassie sat up in bed, heart pounding, fingers frantically searching for her phone. She watched in horror as the knob on her bedroom door slowly turned. He must find a way to reunite his soul with his body or not only will he die, but those he loves face danger as well. Across an ocean and a decade of time, they followed him. The man lifted the corner of his blue, Union frock coat. A pistol, probably a Navy Colt. Perfume and the hint of sweat saturated the damp air.

    Pitch: Aquila Katharros, future Queen of Alogo, is preparing her country for battle.