Giving for All Its Worth

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Shortly after I moved to Colorado in September of '98, some friends and I started a book club.

I have been with this same book club for more than 18 years. Of course, I was an avid reader to my 2 kids. My son went through a reptile period for so long that I BEGGED his elementary school librarian to stop sending books home about snakes and lizards!

YK Osiris - Worth It

I have to admit that when it came to the young adult books, they were so such fun to read when my kids hit middle school: the Harry Potter series which I have read at least a half dozen times , Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games series, the Divergent Series, The Fault in Our Stars. I like to read on my Kindle.

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I read on my phone using the kindle app. I read the newspaper and magazines.

For All It's Worth - Orpheus Omega -

I LOVE to read. I joined Reading Partners www. Once per week or twice a week this year twice , I tutor a child for about an hour in reading. I read to her from Karen 5 years ago to Elizabeth today and then she reads to me. Reading Partners uses a prescribed curriculum to work on concepts like sight words, fluency, sequence of events, inferences, vocabulary, describing characters, and on and on. I try to pass on my love of reading with each child I have tutored.

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It's a gift worth giving. Once students start to fall behind in reading, they tend to fall faster and further behind their peers every year. The ability to read on grade level by the end of 3rd grade is critical. Students who have not learned to read by 4th grade are 4 times more likely to drop out of school and this risk is even great for low-income children.

Ready to share your love of reading? I wish it was acceptable to eat pumpkin pie all year round. I crave steak tacos more than anything else. Find a good, authentic taco , and you'll be set for dinner. Why do Oreos get so much better after being soaked in milk? Oreos really are milk's favorite cookie. The creamier the milk, the better.

Jeff Bezos still hasn’t signed the Giving Pledge

Mashed potatoes aren't just for Thanksgiving. They can be quick and easy too , if you know how to make them. I was inspired by my sister to add this food—her favorite cookie is Snickerdoodle. Again, fresh out of the oven is the way to go. Science says cheese is addictive , and I believe it. Whether stinky or sweet, cheese is a perfect pairing for a lot of foods. Salty, crunchy, greasy onion rings can make or break a meal.

They're even better with some Chipotle-Ranch dipping sauce. Chinese food is usually fried, covered in sauce and terrible for you. That doesn't stop me from eating it almost every week. Sesame chicken is the most basic Chinese meal, and it has the best sauce to go along with it. Whether it's cooked on the stovetop or baked in the oven, ooey-gooey mac n' cheese is to die for.

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  • And, it's every college student's go-to meal. Sushi is great because it comes in so many varieties.

    How to read the Bible for all its worth

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