The Seven-Day Fiancial Makeover

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  1. Want a money makeover? Get a free financial plan worth thousands of pounds
  2. The 7-Day Financial Makeover
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  4. The Total Money Makeover
  5. Lesson 2: Start a debt snowball, beginning with your smallest debt.

Want a money makeover? Get a free financial plan worth thousands of pounds

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Promise: Imagine the relief, contentment, energy, and empowerment you'll feel a week from now. Why wait? This book will show you how to transform your financial future in seven days. The Seven-Day Financial Makeover is chock full of wisdom and advice and a fool-proof step-by-step approach that includes practical examples, transformational tips, action steps, and access to a treasure trove of online resources. Start today. Next week you'll be glad you did.

The 7-Day Financial Makeover

Eric Hoogstra, Ph. In addition to his teaching, Eric owns or manages several companies in the financial, consulting, real estate, and manufacturing industries. Visit Seller's Storefront. Orders usually dispatched within two working days. The clubs can be 20 to 50 percent cheaper than regular grocery stores when it comes to products like condiments, coffee, bottled water, and canned beans and vegetables they're also, hands-down, the best place to shop for appliances, trash bags, aspirin, and best-selling books, among other things.

But don't neglect your supermarket entirely -- it will have better deals on items like produce, chips, and cookies. Cut heating and utility costs. The U. This past season, prices soared up to 45 percent, partly due to increased demand. Department of Energy's Web site. Go to Information for Consumers and click on "Your Home. By entering information about your house -- the year it was built, the number of windows, the type of heating system -- you'll generate tips for improving its energy efficiency.

The more specific you are, the more detailed the advice. You won't have time to fix all these things now, but you can print out a list and follow up this weekend. Scrutinize your wireless, long-distance, and Internet bills.

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  6. The Seven-Day Financial Makeover.

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  • How to Analyze and Use Leveraged Finance Bonds for Project Finance (Applied Corporate Finance).
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    Council and Community Events

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    The Total Money Makeover

    Lower your auto and homeowner's insurance rates. Number one way to reduce your rates? Insurers will also reduce your premium if you meet certain standards. Call your provider and ask about:.

    Lesson 2: Start a debt snowball, beginning with your smallest debt.

    While you have your provider on the phone, "ask for all the discounts they offer," suggests Ellie Kay, author of "A Woman's Guide to Family Finances. If you have a car-alarm system, are over age 50, or are a longtime customer, you can probably reduce your tab even further.


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